13 Mesmerizing Photos of Caterpillars by Photographer Samuel Jaffe

Photos by: Samuel Jaffe (also via The Life Neurotic with Steve’s Issues). Prints are available in his online shop.

samuel jaffe photos
“Gravity” Hyalophora cecropia on buttonbush

HD photos of caterpillars
“Red Boots” Apatelodes torrifacta on cherry / “Three Swallowtails” Papilio glaucus, polyxenes, and troilus

Black and White New England Caterpillars
“Turbulent Abstract” – Phosphila turbulenta on smilax

Beautiful Creepy blue caterpillar with red dots
“Anatomy of a Caterpillar” – Nadata gibbosa on oak

“Orange Red Green” Eumorpha achemon on grapevine / “Wild Lettuce” Autographa precationis on wild lettuce

Caterpillar camouflaged to look like a leaf
“Life on the Leaf Edge” – Nerice bidentata on elm leaf

“Life on the Leaf Edge” Cerura scitiscripta on willow leaf

Striking green caterpillar with black and yellow stripes
“The Fawn” Sphinx kalmiae on ash

“Early Kingdom” Lytrosis unitaria

“Emerald Deception” Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria on goldenrod / “Cut Flowers” Eupithecia Pug on blue vervain


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