Baltimore Street Art – Wire Bombing

Who is Land Banking?

Monopoly man

Rally the Youth

North Calvert/ Mount Royal Ave

A true statement

Hampden, 36th st/ Hickory St more plastics flamingos than real ones

Baltimore Wire-Bombing Street Art

Wire Installations done by Reed Bmore


Cork Factory Bmore MD,

Pac men

Greenmount Ave, E Eager St, Bmore MD, central booking

Well Girl

E Oliver St, Safeway

E Oliver St, Safeway

Cowboy Kid

Mt Royal Ave, North Ave

Bird and Boy

E Lanvale St, St Paul St

Paper Planes

E Lanvale, Guilford Ave


Russel Street, Pig Town

Stacy Chambers GO GO

Portrait of a friend and an important piece to Baltimore’s awesomely-weird community 🙂 Much LOVE

I Loved More

St Paul St, North Ave,

Monkey Bar

Bell Foundry


Handover St, E Lanvale St


W Lafayette, North Charles St


Mt Royal Ave, North Charles st.

Just Married Detail

North Charles/ North Ave.
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baltimore street art wire bombing

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