Phil Heath – Mr Olympia 2011 – Jay Cutler Bodybuilder Protege

THE GIFT – 2011 Mr. Olympia – Phil Heath

Phil Health aka “The Gift” is the 2011 Mr Olympia Champion.  Phil is the new kid on the block in the bodybuilding world and has surprised many this year when he won Mr Olympia beating legends like Jay Cutler and Kai Greene.  Heath started his athletic career playing basketball in High School and later for the University of Denver weighing in at an average 180 lbs.  He was no college superstar athelte, in fact his college basketball career wasn’t much to talk about.  Perhaps looking or a personal challenge Phil made the decision to start bodybuilding around 2002 and what a fine decision that was. So why is he called the gift?  Phil quickly rose up in the ranks and within 4 years of hard training he was competing as an IFBB Pro and in 2006 he won his first two pro bodybuilding titles in Colorado and New York at the young age of 26.  The fact that Phil was able to start training and turn pro in so little time shows his true “gift” of athleticism and also some great muscle building genes.

In 2007, claiming he was not prepared, Heath turned down the chance to compete in the famed Mr Olympia competition.  Critics may have thought that Heath was backing down, maybe that was the last we would see of him, but that was far from the truth.

In 2008 Heath won the Iron Man Competition

2nd Place 2011 Arnold Classic

 3rd Place 2008 Mr Olympia

 5ht Place 2009 Mr Olympia

 2nd Place 2010 Arnold Classic

 2nd Place 2010 Mr Olympia

 1st Place 2011 Mr Olympia

1st Place 2011 Sheru Classic

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