Watch Montreal Street dancers and Swing dancers swap music

Montreal Swing Riot is a dance event that promotes Lindy Hop, good swingin’ jazz and the Montreal street culture. A venue for people to express themselves and leave it all out on the dance floor. A moment that unites dancers and spectators together in shared creativity and inspiration.

Crossover round and finals of the Invitational Battle Lindy Hoppers vs. Street Dancers at Montreal Swing Riot Street Dancers: 7Starr, Rawss, Bourrik, Mean Jean (Ddimplz), Soulstep, Scramblelock, Boombeast, Namco, Jigsaw. Swing Dancers: Aleix Prats Ferrer, Anaïs Sékiné, Antoine Simard, Annie Trudeau, Zack Richard, Lunou Samson-Poirot, Jonathan Desroches, Marie-Anne Rochon, Alain Fragman, Gina Helfrich, Jon Tigert, Jenna Applegarth.

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