Lilica the Dog Travels Over 4 Miles Every Day to Share Food With Her Friends

A video of “Lilica The Junkyard Dog” that was uploaded on YouTube is going viral now, spreading the touching and heart-warming story of a stray dog showing concern not just for itself but also for its co-animals.

Lilica is an animal abandoned in a junkyard in Sao Carlos, Brazil together with other stray dogs, chickens, a mule and a cat.  Lilica had eight puppies, and in order to feed the pups, the dog has to walk four miles away from the junkyard to the home of a woman named Lucia.

Professor Lucia Helena de Souza, who is also an animal lover and is taking care of stray dogs and cats, noticed Lilica the junkyard dog scourging for leftovers in a trash bin near her home. Due to pity, Lucia prepares food for Lilica and waits in a side street for the stray dog to arrive.  Lilica then eats a little and carries the bag home for her puppies. The puppies were all adopted, but Lilica still returns daily to collect food to share with her junkyard dog friends.

Lucia said, “I realized that she ate and then stared at what was in the bag.” A neighbor pointed out Lucia that maybe Lilica wanted to take the rest of the food with her. “Then we tied it up and took the bag and gave it to Lilica. From that day on we do it,” said Lucia.
One day, Lucia decided to follow the dog on its way back.  There Lucia discovers that Lilica shares the food that she gave to other animals left in the junkyard, which has touched her heart and committed to support and provide for the animals’ dinner through Lilica.  “I don’t travel, I don’t go to places and stay for too long because of her. . . because I know she relies on me. So it’s a commitment that I have with her, and a commitment she have with me, ’cause she comes every day.”

Neile, the junkyard owner and caretaker of Lilica and other abandoned animals, said that Lilica has already been doing this for almost three years now.  “We as human beings barely share with others, but an animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson, a lesson for us.”  “People don’t do that. Some people hide and do not want to share what they have with others. She did not, Lilica is an exceptional animal,” said Neile.
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